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Vicky's Photo Gallery - Page five


This gallery details the trunk build...  a project that came to mind when I realized that the original designer of the body intended to waste this space by making it inaccessible.



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  • Say you want a trunk.... Cut a hole! Here is the trunk hatch, the cutout piece, and the final gap-fit prior to installing the hinges and latch.
  • Inner & outer frame for the hatch. Inner shell to be welded to frame, forming the seal lip for the hatch cover. Outer frame to be bonded to body.
  • Both body frame and hatch frame showing how they nest together. Spot welds will be ground smooth before installation. Ready for structural adhesive.
  • Inner frame is finished and bonded to body.
  • Trunk lid is finished and ready for installation....
  • Except for the finish work - set gaps, level with body surface and paint - the trunk hatch is done! Just have to build the interior part of the trunk.
  • Layout, weld and first test fit of the trunk floor support. Next step will be to permanently weld in the frame and its support to the car frame...
  • The trunk floor is complete, welded in and painted. You can just see the bottom of the trunk support showing thru the back seat. Next... fiberglass!
  • Template for the trunk floor, and the fiberglass made from it...
  • Fuel Tank/Sender access panel complete. A lot of work, and four pieces to weld and finish. Powder coat booth paid off again...
  • Inner fender liners for the back fenders have to be cut to fit with the trunk floor...
  • Pattern making from cardboard, and test fitting has become the norm....
  • The next step is the very messy job of fiberglassing all of the pieces to the body and trunk floor...
  • Finally, joining all the fiberglass pieces of the trunk into one!
  • It seems that it has taken forever, but it has only been 11 1/2 months since I first cut the hole for the trunk! Then again - that is forever ! ! !



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