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Vicky's Photo Gallery - Page four


This gallery starts with installing the interior steel support members and goes through installing and finishing the interior fiberglass components as the build progresses... 


      See page five for the lengthy side track - Building a trunk


The interior build is now on track to continue.


Click on any image for a larger view.


  • How to make a 2" X 2" square header bar into a 1" X 2" header bar with the same strength as the larger one...
  • Yes, it was a lot of trouble, but it saved 4" of headroom at the front to back seat transition. All of the steel was given a coat of paint.
  • All of the rest of the steel is in, and welded. Essentially, there is a complete steel cage inside the car, with a built-in rollbar...


Page one - The beginning >>> click here

Page two - Chassis preparation >>> click here

Page three - Body preparation >>> click here

Page five - Building a trunk  >>> click here

Page six - Changing how the hood opens  >>> click here

Page seven - Creating custom tail lights >>> click here

Page eight - Changing the grille shell  >>> click here