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Vicky's Photo Gallery - Page two


This gallery starts with chassis prep and shows all the steps to having a rolling chassis ready to accept the body. 


Click on any image for a larger view.

  • Brake lines are installed. This is detail of the rear brake setup
  • This shows detail of the front brake lines.
  • Detail of the "business" end of the chassis, including some of the extra bling.
  • Detail of front and rear fuel line installation.
  • Engine and transmission mounted in the frame. Shop wheels installed so that I can roll it around. That's my 1982 Dodge truck in the background.
  • Finished the fuel lines. Used stainless braided lines from mid-frame to the tank.
  • Steering column and linkage plus the shifter and emergency brake mechanisms.
  • The exhaust system is simple -- here it is ready for coating and installation.
  • Here is the installed system. No, Flowmaster doesn't make Hushpower muffler shield-you have to make it from the big one.
  • Installed new Constant Pressure valve body from TCI in the 700R4. Its under the shiny new cover.
  • Swapped the old 2.70 cogs for a new set of 4.10's in the Traction Lock differential. The cover came from my powder coat equipment.
  • Sway Bars installed -- Front and Rear
  • My home made powder coating/painting booth, and the first products. It works very well!


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