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My History

Having spent over 50 years as an Aerospace Engineer, and having owned and managed several businesses -- ranging from small entrepreneurial companies to $20,000,000 organizations -- I have decided to retire.  I have formal educational credentials in Business Administration, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering, and a lot of practical experience with mechanical, automotive, computer, and electrical systems.  I have assisted many Denver area companies in solving their operational and managerial problems in such areas as Information System Design, Financial Planning and Control, Human Resource Management, and Production Operations.  I provided computer system design and setup for these areas, and personnel training in utilization of the systems.  A complete list of my past accomplishments is available on the Resume page on this website.

Looking ahead -- Since I have a lot of spare time now, I will pursue one of my longtime passions... building and driving hot rod cars.  See the photo gallery for progress reports on the latest endeavor.  Also check out the other galleries of photos from my past - Cars I have owned, and other photos of interest.

Future Consulting Roles
I have had many consulting roles within the Denver business community, and I intend to keep my "hand in" as the need arises for the foreseeable future by assisting companies and individuals as time permits... without interrupting my hobby schedule.
   ... Warren